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1.Will you move furniture around? 

If it is practical to do so, we are more than happy to move furniture.


2. How long will my carpets take to dry?

We aim to have your carpets dry within 2 hours of completing the work. This is achievable because we use the AirFlex Storm Extraction machine accompanied by the market leading turbo dryers, this is inclusive of the price you see. Galaxy Proclean will also provide you with overshoes, this will enable you to carry on with your day.

3. What equipment do you use? 

We use the best of British made equipment, the AirFlex Storm Extraction machine is the market leader for carpet cleaners. See our dedicated webpage for more information.


4. Are the solutions you use safe?

Of course, all the solutions we use are pet and child friendly, organic and safe for the planet. 


5. I only want 2 rooms cleaning, can you do this? 

Yes, no problem! 


6. Do you have any offers or promotions?

We run different promotions and discounts all year round, check out our "Offers" page or social media to find out more.

7. I have a few large rooms in my house, will this affect the price?

We offer a price for standard sized rooms. For any rooms larger there will usually be an additional charge. This will be included in your quote.


8. Which areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of Merseyside including Liverpool, Formby, Southport, Ormskirk and beyond. 

9. Should I prepare for your arrival?

Yes please, by making sure any smaller items are out of the way we will be able to provide a more efficient service. 

10. Will all stains be removed from my carpet?

Whilst we will do everything we can, unfortunately we cannot guarantee 100% of stain removal. The reason being is, some stains can cause irreparable damage, some stains that are left untreated can eventually change the colour of a carpet fibre.

11. How long does the premium stain guard last

This entirely depends on how much traffic the carpet is exposed to. Usually we would expect the premium stain guard to last up to 12 months.


12. Does your equipment steam clean?

The AirFlex Storm Extraction machine cleans down to the base of the fibre using organic and eco-friendly solutions, extracting any unnecessary dirt and eliminating any harmful bacteria in its way. This is a different method to steam cleaning alone, it is more effective and beneficial for your carpets.


13. Can you give me advice on how to clean a new stain?

No problem, we would prefer you to call us so we can offer free advice. 


14. What days of the week can I book?

We offer a 7 day a week service from 8am-8pm.


15. Is it safe for my pet or child to sit on the carpet when you leave?

Although all our solutions are pet and child friendly, we recommend that children and pets wait until the carpet is fully dry before sitting down, this will limit the chance of resoiling. But don't worry, this won't take long. We use specialist drying machines to speed the process up for your convenience.


16. Do you bring machinery into my home? 

The AirFlex Storm Extraction machine is a van mounted machine with hoses of upto 200 feet. In some cases we may have to dismount the AirFlex storm for larger homes. It is lightweight and suitable for the home environment. 


17. Do you sell gift vouchers? 

Yes, we sell a range of gift vouchers with free, fast delivery. See our dedicated webpage for more information.


18. Do you offer flexibility? 

Yes! We will work around you. 

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